Schedule Notification System

What is the Schedule Notification System?

The Schedule Notification System sends personalized emails that will include your match schedule for the following day as well as your practice schedule. You will also be notified of changes or updates to your match schedule as they are announced.

How do I register?

You must register yourself in person when you collect your credential at the Player Credentials Office.

Can I designate someone else to receive the emails on my behalf? Is there a limit to how many people I can register?

Yes! You can designate as many individuals you like (whether it be your coach, agent, family member, hitting partner, etc.) to receive messages on your behalf, but you must designate these individuals in person at the Player Credentials Office or the Player Services Desk.

Why do I have to designate recipients in person?

Since the emails will be personalized with information specific to you, we want to ensure you authorize any other individuals to receive it.

What will I receive?

For matches, the email will include the event, court, session (day or evening) time and opponent for each match scheduled for the following day. If you are competing in multiple events, you may receive more than one email depending on whether the full or partial schedule is released. If there are changes to your match schedule, you will receive a second email either indicating the changes (for changes made to matches scheduled for the following day) or instructing you to check the Match Information Display for details (for same day changes). For practice courts, the email will be sent out in the evening and will include the start time, court and partner for each practice court you have reserved for the following day.

Can I receive this information in a text message instead of an email?

Unfortunately, no. Due to character limitations and potential difficulties with international phone carriers, it is not possible to send this information via text message. However, if you provide a mobile number we can also send a text message informing you when the email has been sent.

Can I unsubscribe from this service or remove someone from receiving my schedule notifications?

Yes. Visit the Player Credentials Office or the Player Services Desk to make any changes during the tournament.

What else do I need to know?

The US Open hopes all players will take advantage of the Schedule Notification System. However, please note that regardless, you are still responsible for knowing your match time and court location. This service is being offered as a convenience to you and/or your designees, and you should still consult the Official Order of Play available via the password protected area of the Player Guide if you have any questions about your schedule.