Medical Services

Medical Services +1 718.760.6325

Key Team Members

US Open Chief Medical Officer ("CMO")

Director, Player Medical Services

Infectious Diseases, Mount Sinai Hospital

On-Site Medical Services

An orthopedic surgeon and a primary care physician are available on-site during play and a team of medical consultants, spanning all specialties, including imaging studies, and "on call."

Medical care is available to players in the Player Treatment Area, located within the Arthur Ashe Stadium Locker Rooms. When neccessary, medical care can be provided in other designated treatment aras. Only credentialed members of the US Open Player Medical Services staff are authorized to treat players in the Player Treatment Area and other designated treatment areas. 

There is a First Aid Station in Arthur Ashe Stadium that is staffed by a nurse, doctor, and paramedics. This station is available to provide medical care to all non-players including family members, coaches, and guests.

Trainers and Physiotherapists