Before You Play

SafePlay Program

The USTA Safe Play Program embodies the USTA's commitment to respect and safety for athletes participating in a USTA event. This includes the USTA's crown jewel, the US Open. All participants of the tournament are required to adhere to the USTA Safe Play Policy including its Proactive Policies designed to provide further protection for athletes. 

To access the USTA Safe Play Policy including the Proactive Policies, please CLICK HERE. Prior to attending the event, we strongly encourage all participants to review the key highlights from the USTA Safe Play Policy provided HERE

Entry Limitation, Tournament Partners, Grant of Rights

US Open Anti-Gambling Policy and Credential Policy (to be updated for 2023)

Available by clicking here

Referee Authority

Anti-Doping Testing

ITIA Anti-Doping and Anti-Corruption Rules Posters

Additional Obligations